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How We Make It Happen:

The Superior Crop Management Agronomy Program offers many benefits to our clients. This program is tailored specific to each grower. This program is one of the best ways to increase your farm’s profit margins while saving time on crop planning and management. Superior Crop Management assigns one of our agronomist’s to work directly with you throughout the growing season. You will no longer have to make a crucial decision on your own. Our agronomist’s are always ready to provide you with unbiased in-field recommendations and advice.

Customer’s that are a part of Superior Crop Management’s Agronomy Program receive farm and field visits throughout the growing season. They also receive invitations to agronomy information sessions and individual farm planning including review and analysis. As well, customers receive priority on limited, exclusive or products that are in short supply. For more information on how your farm can be a part of our agronomy program please call our office and speak with one of our in-house agronomist's.